SML Movie: Mr. Goodman's Revenge!

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3 months ago

Mr. Goodman doesn't want to drop the charges on Rosalina!

SML 3 months ago
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Sunshine_ByPolar 4 days ago
Layth Yafai
Layth Yafai 6 days ago
@Kiephie ,/looool/ll/k,loll,o,jmmujh. R f ybn9
GummyCaster 12 days ago
Mystery V
Mystery V 17 days ago
I like bts
cobra kid
cobra kid 19 days ago
Marim Alganim
Marim Alganim 3 minutes ago
I love you Jeffy
dummy x
dummy x Hour ago
Who is driving the car
Man I just love jeffy
Mostafa Gamerdood
Mostafa Gamerdood 4 hours ago
Zarboe 4 hours ago
*6:10** Rosalinda talking to Mario on a plastic toy phone*
Alexandra Neko
Alexandra Neko 4 hours ago
5:38 I love how Goodman's hands are expressing more emotion than his face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Funboyiscool 2
Funboyiscool 2 5 hours ago
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming 5 hours ago
Rip precious
Troy Grandjamb
Troy Grandjamb 6 hours ago
That good show
sonic playa
sonic playa 8 hours ago
Giant:run dadeh she crazi!
PSH Electrical
PSH Electrical 10 hours ago
Mieguelcat 711
Mieguelcat 711 10 hours ago
Jeffy:why ait I’m in the video for like 3 quarters
akyrah surles
akyrah surles 12 hours ago
At least he did not break de engine
akyrah surles
akyrah surles 12 hours ago
Broke det window bust it open
Christian Pineda
Christian Pineda 13 hours ago
KingDoggo 14 hours ago
Jesus I hate Rosalina
sarup singh
sarup singh 15 hours ago
Aww thats such a cute cat
Leanne Cole
Leanne Cole 15 hours ago
sovietpekopekoyama 19 hours ago
When you noticed logan used nintendo characters in this video 😳
Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen 20 hours ago
mario and brooklin guy: james bond bananana bnana goodman:πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”wtf
Bad boy Lil mell vlogs
Bad boy Lil mell vlogs 21 hour ago
Tgame 43
Tgame 43 Day ago
Raquel Is Better Than Barbie
Raquel Is Better Than Barbie Day ago
rosalina is the worst character in SML like she’s hella annoying.
Larry darby
Larry darby Day ago
When Mario call the Rosalina there was a cat😺😺😺😺
Josh gordon
Josh gordon Day ago
Sml idea Goldman's parents!
sxftkatsuki Day ago
*G o l d m a n*
Doc Dog YT
Doc Dog YT Day ago
Rosalina while mario is yelling tf out: GOOD TUNES I JUST BE VIBING TO DEPRESSED MUSIC:
Marc-es Sniped u 11
Marc-es Sniped u 11 Day ago
You guy see that god is on house arest
Ricardo Ortiz
Ricardo Ortiz Day ago
Ricardo LoL
Misle Day ago
Why is Goodman laying down on the couch
Tsm_ttv_Oliver Day ago
MadMike029 Day ago
Hunter Dye
Hunter Dye Day ago
William Thomas
William Thomas Day ago
Mario: Says hello to any random girl on the street Rosalina: *YoU CHeAteD oN MEeEEe!!!!*
Unsettled Day ago
10:01 there actually isn’t other gods. God is our only God and there is only 1 God
Matthew Guinansaca
Matthew Guinansaca Day ago
Hi pumpkin he was next to her
Samuel Sorto
Samuel Sorto Day ago
Rosalina didnt hit goodmans Carlos with a hammer FUCK YOU
Vault Ceeper
Vault Ceeper Day ago
Rosalinas extremely unlikeable in this video your better off just killing her off
The Ghost King
The Ghost King Day ago
SML Answer: when I was 4 I threw all the eggs we had at out neighbors house and my parents thought they just used all of them so I got away with it
Benjamin Davila
Benjamin Davila Day ago
Rosalina phone is a calculator
jevvo on macros
jevvo on macros Day ago
Tuoso74s7rooptjeo7rgcilgdpejvckelmbrau52dvbmelnvsv svcxnv bdz v bmm.c.c dnvdmci6akhffbcjqjl
aaron hughes
aaron hughes Day ago
The end was hilarious
Super Mario Guy
Super Mario Guy Day ago
Screw rosalina I hate her so much
Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen Day ago
Katie-marie Connelly
Katie-marie Connelly Day ago
1:08 run daddy she crazy the voice tone
Mervat Daoud
Mervat Daoud Day ago
The worst thing that ever happened is me getting beat by a jellyfish
DUNGEONcraft113 Day ago
Tell pablo to take his mask off
John Griffin
John Griffin 2 days ago
xD the cat behind rosalina
Savage_b2stmstr on ps4
Savage_b2stmstr on ps4 2 days ago
1:06 πŸ˜‚
Kaleb Williams
Kaleb Williams 2 days ago
Mad thicccccccccc
Kyle 2 days ago
8:02 Macadonalds lol
Pedro Zempoaltecatl
Pedro Zempoaltecatl 2 days ago
jerry jones
jerry jones 2 days ago
Mr Muffins
Mr Muffins 2 days ago
Basically all the puppets are on the shop except chef pp?
The Mix_YT
The Mix_YT 2 days ago
sxftkatsuki Day ago
The Mix_YT
The Mix_YT 2 days ago
β€œβ€β€β€run daddy he’s crazy””””””
sxftkatsuki Day ago
daniel morales
daniel morales 2 days ago
Ur not funny
The Mix_YT
The Mix_YT 2 days ago
β€œβ€β€β€just a friend””””
sxftkatsuki Day ago
elijah appolis
elijah appolis 2 days ago
its burgar king
Flash master 1289
Flash master 1289 2 days ago
Laughedtrain 05
Laughedtrain 05 2 days ago
The worst thing I’ve ever done was break up with my girlfriend
JAY cooper
JAY cooper 2 days ago
1:07 RUN daddy she crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
savagebear cub
savagebear cub 2 days ago
Ha 1:10 good reference. (it was from the avengers when tony cap and thor were all fight then cap said put the hammer down). Did anyone else see that? Edit: actually was that meant
Mryam Jarulla
Mryam Jarulla 3 days ago
how is making the poless voice 😫 😩
Alligator Raptor
Alligator Raptor 3 days ago
RUN DADDY SHE CRAZY πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kolden Stephens
Kolden Stephens 3 days ago
The funny part is run daddy sh crazy
Brodiney55 3 days ago
I like the part that Mario calls rosealyna from jail and in the background of Mario mr Goodman is like pointing at his Big Mac that is an egg roll
Brodiney55 9 hours ago
Jackson Johnson
Jackson Johnson 3 days ago
Why would you do that
Branchy Bunch
Branchy Bunch 3 days ago
Goodman is right
hector perez
hector perez 3 days ago
this vid had to cost alot
I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
I Have No Idea What I'm Doing 3 days ago
Who noticed that the thumbnail has human puppets, but they dont use them.
ECHO VOID 3 days ago
Who remembers goodman being the poor cop
Jayx RodrΓ­guez
Jayx RodrΓ­guez 3 days ago
Rosalina Goes Crazy When She Throws That Hammer To Goodman's Car 😱😱😱😱
Lara Carroll
Lara Carroll 3 days ago
Jamil X
Jamil X 3 days ago
Im confused rosalina has a million ex boyfriends and she complains over mario saying happy birthday to peach
β€’Dixxi artsβ€’
β€’Dixxi artsβ€’ Day ago
Keep in mind that Rosalina has a million exes and mario has one
Geovanni Duenas
Geovanni Duenas 3 days ago
JQuan Plummer
JQuan Plummer 3 days ago
I like it when Jeffy said "Run, Daddy, she crazy". It was hilarious. Also, First, Mario don't like Rosalina's exes, now Rosalina like his ex. Peach broke up with Mario years ago.
ice away
ice away 3 days ago
12:34 drop it
STOP SIGN 3 days ago
I Ii Iii Iiii Iiiii Iiiiii Iiiiiii Iiiiiiii Iiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiiiii Oiiiiiiiii Ooiiiii Oooii Oooo Ooooo Oooooo Ooooooo Uooooo Uuooo Uuuo Uuuu Uuuuu Uuuuuu
STOP SIGN 3 days ago
I tried to draw a gnome
Jt Essigmann
Jt Essigmann 3 days ago
Kitty cat is in jail too?! Poor cat... 6:50
Ayden Thompson
Ayden Thompson 3 days ago
Next it should be Mario’s revenge because mr Goodman is always being mean like in this video
rltroup33 3 days ago
Why is no one talking bout mr. Pumpkin? 7:05
rltroup33 3 days ago
After watching this I REALLY HATE ROSELINA, she talks to all of her exes, and when she got arrested SHE BLAMED MARIO!,and she so overreacted, all he sent was happy birthday.
Darque 3 days ago
1:07 RUN DADDY!!!!! She's Crazzzzzzy!!!!!!!!!!!
David Bouassaly
David Bouassaly 3 days ago
Why does Mario have a X
Kkwazzawazzakkwaquikkwalaquazza?!* Zzablazza
Kkwazzawazzakkwaquikkwalaquazza?!* Zzablazza 3 days ago
Hi david!
VixZoomm 3 days ago
egg roll fairy
joshua sudaway
joshua sudaway 3 days ago
Well I'm surprised that Goodman didn't ask for anything rich
Nexxing Extras
Nexxing Extras 4 days ago
7:16 Anyone notice the cat?
braxe-yt 4 days ago
Mr. Goodman revenge
da skit channel
da skit channel 4 days ago
Remember when jeffy screamed when mario said he was a bad boy
da skit channel
da skit channel 4 days ago
that was good when goodman was a cop
Luke Hancock
Luke Hancock 4 days ago
One time I broke into a portable at my school and trashed it and I had to go to court and I’m just nine years old
Davin Lariviere
Davin Lariviere 4 days ago
The cat tho lol
Shaun Synnuck
Shaun Synnuck 4 days ago
They ruined a perfect car that is a Lamborghini i would be mad to and i would do the same thing as Goodman as well
Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong 4 days ago
Run daddy this is crazyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kendall Linton
Kendall Linton 4 days ago
I watched sml for 3 years and my first video was cool cody and chef pp is sus to oh Thanks Logan and all of the sml Crew for makeing videos for us
Kendall Linton
Kendall Linton 4 days ago
goodman sus
Ahmad Latouf
Ahmad Latouf 4 days ago
I want you to get my a Big Mac with that thong GOODMAN thong tho thong GOODMAN tell her what I found in my Big Mac box GOODMAN found a egg roll in his Big Mac box πŸ˜‚
Devin Queliz
Devin Queliz 4 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how the cat just walks behind rosealina while she's calling Mario
Andrea Vivas
Andrea Vivas 3 days ago
Siimply Dani
Siimply Dani 4 days ago
Istg when I’m mad, sad, ect. I always watch these kind of videos they make me happy
Shadow Penguin
Shadow Penguin 4 days ago
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