SML Movie: The Pink Couch!

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2 months ago

Junior got a new pink couch!

SML 2 months ago
I'm sorry if this video felt like filler near the end, I had to get a video out before I went on vacation and this was filmed at the last minute. I hope you enjoyed it as I still try to make every video as best as I can. We film two videos a week every week and it is very stressful to make all the fans happy. We never take time off from filming, even during a hurricane last year we kept filming to give you guys content. We have been demonetized on two previous channels so we aren't able to cuss and make as many inappropriate jokes as we use to, but we still continue to try to make videos as entertaining as we can. I am going to try to use more fan ideas and use more characters this year. Thank you all for continuing to watch and support are channel over the years.
mark 15 hours ago
I love you sml
SHERZI DA BOS 101 6 days ago
Yes Logan 😋😼
Detangela Ponder
Detangela Ponder 26 days ago
TheSilentBear 2 months ago
Yessir last comment love yall sbl
ChampionSippy 2 months ago
was about to say
Vyas Binil
Vyas Binil 2 hours ago
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Landen Lovings
Landen Lovings 9 hours ago
Hi nigga
AlainaLG8548 10 hours ago
1:20 Oh no! Charlie is getting (mumbles) OLD!!!! WAAA!!!
Connor O'Neill
Connor O'Neill 11 hours ago
Vishal Swaminathan
Vishal Swaminathan 12 hours ago
6:05-7:18 The whole conversation of the couch being pink.
Nicky Swan
Nicky Swan 12 hours ago
Nicky Swan
Nicky Swan 12 hours ago
Be a DJ
Anna the black bunny Lily
Anna the black bunny Lily 12 hours ago
Jakeo8 14 hours ago
I am getting so mad about the dye thing but it is awesome
Cecka Gioreva
Cecka Gioreva 15 hours ago
red and black
Barbara Servance
Barbara Servance 15 hours ago
CSMann_84 Mann
CSMann_84 Mann 18 hours ago
1123456890#@%#%##%%%%@####£&&&**((‘kllkaZzcvvb. Bbbb ):,.
Father Maxi
Father Maxi Day ago
At least they didn’t eat the carpet
Toca Story
Toca Story Day ago
My favorite color is purple 🟣🟪♉️☦️☦️♊️💜💜💜
Mason Pakmist
Mason Pakmist Day ago
7:34 Prepare yourself for a filler-heavy rampage.
ChreemeOfficial Day ago
my fav color is green
jj Day ago
jesus lopez
jesus lopez Day ago
Humayl Rasul
Humayl Rasul Day ago
My favourite colour is green
Lorena Rey
Lorena Rey Day ago
Or the doctor could of showed them
Lorena Rey
Lorena Rey Day ago
Of what dye means
Maria Grynnerup
Maria Grynnerup Day ago
WOW Pink
Beastly Thumbs
Beastly Thumbs Day ago
bruh is that all you watch charleyyy and friends
NotTwiit Day ago
I love when they were arguing they started laughing
Respectful Rowland Arel Master
Respectful Rowland Arel Master Day ago
Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment 🏆
Respectful Rowland Arel Master
Respectful Rowland Arel Master Day ago
Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment 🏆
Ayoub Haddouchi
Ayoub Haddouchi Day ago
Why didn't Brooklyn just day Paint the couch red. If they don't understand what Dye is.
Kevin Nowakowski
Kevin Nowakowski 2 days ago
This is my dad's account. Not mine. But can you make a channel of Charleyyy & Friends episodes? It's cause I like the show.
OscarOk 123
OscarOk 123 Day ago
Are you embarrassed to use your account?
Lliy star Lliy
Lliy star Lliy 2 days ago
Just Brawl stars
Just Brawl stars 2 days ago
How does this not have more hate
Sara Sin
Sara Sin 2 days ago
Is it just me or am I dying of laughter when Junior said “This salad is a thing,it’s food. You eat food to survive. Yummy” 😂
Off-road Cousins
Off-road Cousins 2 days ago
I color is black
Jam 2 days ago
Bowser could've said "If you don't clean up this mess, I am taking you back to Military school."
no fucking waY bitch
no fucking waY bitch Hour ago
Yea so we could have part 2
Ta’Dasia Paulk
Ta’Dasia Paulk 2 days ago
Junior you are A idiot
OscarOk 123
OscarOk 123 Day ago
Calm down
Ninjaburger _1263
Ninjaburger _1263 2 days ago
Junior is so stupid the doctor means the word dye not die
OscarOk 123
OscarOk 123 Day ago
Its a joke
Im The One
Im The One 2 days ago
Bro all he need to say is color dye
NC Hillboys
NC Hillboys 2 days ago
Toffy 2 days ago
90% of the video is trying to explain the word "DYE"
ali shatat
ali shatat 2 days ago
Die means color the couch
Eli Jah Jah
Eli Jah Jah 2 days ago
Eli Jah Jah
Eli Jah Jah 2 days ago
You Sould have sayed paintit
Dr0wning In anime
Dr0wning In anime 3 days ago
I would’ve gotten dye and poured it on jr honestly
Jaxon Gates
Jaxon Gates 3 days ago
When they had a stain on the couch why did you not just flip the coushoun over
Lea Garcia Ligeralde
Lea Garcia Ligeralde 3 days ago
Jr. Its dye not die
Alasia Perriera
Alasia Perriera 3 days ago
Gavyn RBLX
Gavyn RBLX 3 days ago
5:36 Yes red
Rohan Roars
Rohan Roars 3 days ago
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Rohan Roars
Rohan Roars 3 days ago
Please 🙏 do it I'm not joking so please do it
CasterGaming 3 days ago
Idk why is it white
Ahmadeus Clxtch
Ahmadeus Clxtch 4 days ago
4:04 no bleach is an anime about a person named ichigo who got his powers handed to but still godly
The Dezi Experience
The Dezi Experience 4 days ago
I laughed that Junior say kill all your hair
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen 4 days ago
It,s a white you idiot
DJ M 4 days ago
Dye meaning: a coloring material or matter
perla oop
perla oop 4 days ago
Die,Dye,Diy Die: Go to sleep forever. Dye: To color things. Diy: Arts and Crafts.
BaraaTheDragon DARGON CLAN LEADER 4 days ago
"OHH man I,m so excited to watch Charlie and friends is my favourite show EVEEEER!!!!" I hear that all the time its annoying
Just Brawl stars
Just Brawl stars 2 days ago
Finally not a 3 year old. At the same time Stop watching them
Elliot Midgley
Elliot Midgley 4 days ago
I bet they just poured water on the couch, and bought a pink couch and replaced it (Because they don't want to lose they're couch)
Jaxon Gates
Jaxon Gates 3 days ago
No They had a couch of that color down stairs
Jaxon Gates
Jaxon Gates 3 days ago
No They had a couch of that color down stairs
Taylor Bradish
Taylor Bradish 4 days ago
Love the vid keep making videos 😉😉😉
Kim Morris
Kim Morris 4 days ago
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming 4 days ago
My favorite color in blue
Stu Welford
Stu Welford 4 days ago
Is it just me or did anyone watch one video then can't stop watching it 💖
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming 4 days ago
Is that real bleach or water
krelyx 3575
krelyx 3575 5 days ago
I rewatched this video and I saw the pink pillows, the whole couch is not pink. Only the pillows I think??
TT Jordan
TT Jordan 5 days ago
Can I get the 🧨 tnt
aj _ sneaky_dropzYT
aj _ sneaky_dropzYT 5 days ago
This is not funny
andriel Rodríguez
andriel Rodríguez 5 days ago
Is blue
Wolf riot 6234
Wolf riot 6234 5 days ago
jane rosas
jane rosas 5 days ago
Pink x badboyhalo 7w7
The prince Of Fame
The prince Of Fame 5 days ago
00:13 the clock turns to 10 o'clock
Fredale 5 days ago
This is a dumb and 99 persent filler
Nathan king
Nathan king 5 days ago
Red lol
elijah Gianna
elijah Gianna 5 days ago
Fun fact: when the Doritos bag and macaroni and cheese Bowl came out out it already looked clean
Just Brawl stars
Just Brawl stars 2 days ago
Fun fact: I don’t care
Kaspars Kārkliņš
Kaspars Kārkliņš 3 days ago
@amir al rashid wdym by "i font know"?
amir al rashid
amir al rashid 3 days ago
Fun fact: idk
kathy mcdonald
kathy mcdonald 5 days ago
Blue is my favorite color
Gabriel Wiles
Gabriel Wiles 5 days ago
My dad plays pool!
LPS GrayBean
LPS GrayBean 5 days ago
I can't believe he actually poured bleach on the couch XD Please say they just got a new couch
Mason Hutton
Mason Hutton 5 days ago
Junior he means paint you idiot
coca cola espuma #6946
coca cola espuma #6946 5 days ago
I like how junior bowser and joseph have 0 iq
Kristina Dungan
Kristina Dungan 5 days ago
He wants you to try to dye the couch back to red
Arturs Kutkovskis
Arturs Kutkovskis 5 days ago
Doctor why didnt say die means paint the cauch
COLOR FUN!!! 5 days ago
My favorite color is booger blue
Diane Mohammed
Diane Mohammed 5 days ago
3AM was also the first person
Michelle Godwin
Michelle Godwin 5 days ago
Hey means pater cout
Krioni Greene
Krioni Greene 5 days ago
My favorite color is green and gold.
Kurt Drew
Kurt Drew 6 days ago
Chris G
Chris G 6 days ago
1:40 "Ask your MOTHER" LOL
Jacqueline Thomas
Jacqueline Thomas 6 days ago
Jr is like I'm a dye
Refluxs k
Refluxs k 6 days ago
Jackie LeDuc
Jackie LeDuc 6 days ago
Pink is my favorite color
i dont know i make roblox videos
i dont know i make roblox videos 6 days ago
can someone subcribe to my youtube channel
Samis theham
Samis theham 6 days ago
Me at the beginning:*Watches time go from 9:59-10
FGTeev4 98
FGTeev4 98 6 days ago
This is so funny is this kid don’t know house is Diaz what is die I don’t wanna die when you die your hair I’m gonna kick him in the face oh yeah
Malorie Alston
Malorie Alston 6 days ago
Courlos. Is dumm i. Like black and bludred
Alison Saldana
Alison Saldana 6 days ago
My fav color is dark pink
OnlyWithNick 6 days ago
I just realized Jeffy is left handed
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 6 days ago
Oh my God guy means not like dying it’s like putting color you don’t know you got a loan😡
Trayvon Dumas
Trayvon Dumas 6 days ago
Lol lol lol lol lol
Riley Petri
Riley Petri 6 days ago
Sorry colorblind
Þ: 6 days ago
3wa *kiiss*
speedster and racers
speedster and racers 6 days ago
DYE dude
Master nugget 77
Master nugget 77 6 days ago
Pablo Fett
Pablo Fett 6 days ago
Sml Idea: Chef Pee Pee pays Charlie to tell Bowser what to do, Chef PP basically controls Bowser through Charlie
SHERZI DA BOS 101 6 days ago
Yes Logan
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